Young And Single

Anyone who knows me knows, I am a huge advocate for being single for as long as you can, and not wasting your time in your younger years stressing about being with someone. I go on about it in everyday conversations, the countless quotes I’ve posted on my Insta on being independent and even highlighting my beliefs when giving friends advice on their ‘situationships’ and the list goes on.

I believe being single when you are younger is very valuable as you learn who you are. Granted, as you get older, the thought of being single might not be as appealing but there is nothing I fear more than settling too soon, or picking something (or someone), because you are scared to be by yourself, think this is what society expects of you, or because you want to rush life.

Some people are genuinely happy, healthy and fulfilled in their relationships but in 2023, the number of people in these types of relationships in their 20’s in my opinion is not that many people. I mean, I do think it would be nice to meet someone sometimes but there are just so many other aspects of my life I am equally focused on and finding someone to be with is not the main area I choose to focus on.

I want to be healthy in every way possible, I want to achieve all the things I want to achieve, there are things I am still learning about myself that I don’t think I would be able to do if I was with someone. Being single in your 20s is a magical time. There is no other time you can be more selfish than now.

If I was to meet someone, they would have to fit my life in a way that made sense. After you have been by yourself for so long, it is hard to settle down for just anyone (and that is okay). Having high standards keeps you safe from low-quality experiences. Anyone who wants to be with me will never have to compete with anyone other than my solitude. Being by myself for so long has made me make better decisions in life.

Maybe one day I will have to grow up, and meet someone who I might want to spend my life with but until then, especially in my 20’s I am so happy being by myself and loving life, just doing me.

Love Nish x

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