Nail Inspo For The Casual Everyday

As part of my glow up journey, I have decided I will be one of those girls who keeps on top of my nails as part of her everday look. Having my nails done makes me feel so much more put together and ready for anything. I love matching my nails to my outfits when I have an event but I am bored of not having anything on my nails inbetween. As much as I believe you shouldn’t save an outfit for a special occasion, I don’t think you should save getting your nails done for a special occasion either. I have picked a few of my favourite nail inspo that are perfect for everday (without being basic, as I still like my nails long and sexy), for the girls who want to level up their daily look. The first nails are the ones I currently have on as I type which I picked to start myself off on my nail glow up…

A description for if you need to explain to your nail tech what you would like or would like to mix and match:

  1. Milky White Powder Acrylic, Shape: Oval, Length: Medium
  2. Grayscale Gradient French Tips, Shape: Almond, Length: Long
  3. Reptile Print, Neutrals and Browns, Shape: Square, Length: Long
  4. Ballet Slipper Pink With A White Airbrush Center, Shape Square, Length: Long
  5. Matte Neutral Gradient French Tips, Shape: Stiletto, Length: Medium
  6. Chrome Gold Ombre From Tip, Shape: Stiletto, Length: Medium
  7. Crome Silver/Silver Gel Polish On French Tips With Gel Drops On Tips, Shape: Square, Length: Long
  8. White Swirl Design On Plain Acrylic, Shape: Almond, Length: Long
  9. Black Design On Plain Acrylic, Shape: Square, Length: Medium

Love Nish x

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