Slowing Down

Since being a young girl, I alway envisioned my life being fast paced and exciting at every corner and for the most part, it has been. My crazy party phase from 18-23 was a blur (but some insane memories and I really did find myself), a lot of flights no feeling type trips (even though … More Slowing Down

Young And Single

Anyone who knows me knows, I am a huge advocate for being single for as long as you can, and not wasting your time in your younger years stressing about being with someone. I go on about it in everyday conversations, the countless quotes I’ve posted on my Insta on being independent and even highlighting … More Young And Single


Something that I’ve recently been thinking about is the pressure we put on ourselves. As someone obsessed with self-help, it’s important to look at if self-care and self-motivation is actually helping. I have always been someone who puts a lot of pressure on myself. Even from a young age, I was a perfectionist. If I … More Pressure