Lucky Girl Syndrome

Lucky girl syndrome is this new phrase I keep seeing everywhere and I am here to tell you it is real. I have never found a phrase or the right words to describe this before but luck girl syndrome is the perfect way of describing when everything just works out because you believe in yourself.

It’s quite similar to manifestation but kind of better because it feels a lot more ditzy and accidental. It looks like from the outside good things just ‘happen’ to you however I have to argue, this is very far from the truth. Radiating an ‘everything’s going to work out for me cause it’s me energy’ attracts so much positivity and it really is intentional. Blindly believing in yourself sometimes is not that easy, but truly has so many benefits.

There’s been a lot of points in my life where I have had to simply believe it was all going to work out. Moving to a new city with no friends and a waitress job to help me survive. When I applied for jobs I was definitely underqualified for and was told, they had to have me for my ‘passion’. The guy who felt out of my league but actually that was something silly I was telling myself and I definitely deserved his attention. The little expensive treats I thought I couldn’t afford but I always seem to make it work. Feeling like an outsider but being yourself anyways and showing your true positive self and making a lot of friends.

Granted, I didn’t win the lottery, but every time I seem to just breeze through life with no expectations and just believe it will all work out, something undeniably magical always seems to happen.

I don’t see the harm in being grateful for even the smallest of things if there is a slight possibility of better things to come. As someone who has been practising ‘lucky girl syndrome’ before it was even a thing, this is something I will always believe in, even when things don’t work out, because the belief something amazing could still happen, makes life that little bit more exciting again.

Nish x

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