Knowing What To Focus On

As someone who has quite a diverse personality, with endless ways of showing my creativity and things that pique my interest, it can sometimes be hard to know what to focus on. This feels like a battle I have with myself often and leads to me losing my way on occasion too.

I have a goal book that is dedicated strictly to the goals I want to achieve in my life. This has been so helpful whether it be my current eating and fitness goals or my personal dating goals or my career goals. It is a place where I can jot down ideas and does have some way of keeping me on track.

Figuring out what you should focus on and why it matters to you is a tricky thing to figure out but no one can do it but yourself. This week, I realised after having a lot more time for myself that I had let a lot of external commitments that were not my own affect my focus and it has taken me away from myself.

I don’t want to live life like this as it makes me feel I will never achieve my goals and that I will always have other things that I will have to prioritise over myself when in reality, I should be my first priority.
Some changes I will be making…

I have set 5 goals for the year and nothing apart from these 5 goals matters to me. Some of these are quite personal so I’m not going to share all of them but one of them is to start the clothing line I have dreamed of starting for so long.

Saying no to other people when I haven’t fulfilled what I require from myself yet. Being there for others is great but this can get overwhelming at times, especially when I feel I haven’t been focusing on myself as much as I should have been.

Focusing on 1 project at a time. This is obviously not always possible, but having one project I’m working on more than others really will help me get the project done a lot quicker than focusing on them all equally.

This is just a few little changes I want to make in my life to get life back on track and have more of a streamlined idea of what I want to achieve. I would love to hear if any of you have ways you keep yourself focused on your goals and how you do this in the comments below.

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