22 Things I’ve Learnt So Far in 2022

  1. A job is just a job, you are easily replaceable
  2. Consistency is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself and the key to success 
  3. Your pace is not the same as everyone else’s pace and it doesn’t need to be 
  4. As long as you are being your authentic self, you will always eventually feel like yourself again
  5. A little bit of effort with your appearance can go a long way and that doesn’t make you vein
  6. Losing friends who shouldn’t have been on your journey in the first place will make you feel lighter 
  7. There is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself instead of hyper focusing on finding a ‘soulmate’ 
  8. Trusting your gut can save you a lot of time 
  9. Investing in something of higher quality will not mean you will wear it a lot more but you will feel amazing 
  10. You are okay to have space from the people you love 
  11. Never chase, always attract, especially when it comes to people
  12. Life is not that serious sometimes 
  13. Not smiling at a 10/10 cause you were hungover is something you will regret 
  14. Slowing down feels so good and scheduling time for rest is needed 
  15. You should never have the expectation that you have to be the same person you were yesterday 
  16. The people who care about you will not make you feel anxious about simply doing you 
  17. Finding your go-to makeup look that suits you the best will be worth the time and money 
  18. You are allowed to go back on the things you said you will never not believe in 
  19. 25 is a beautiful and interesting age to be 
  20. Being good at things you used to be shit at will liberate you from feeling stuck with yourself 
  21. Trial and error is the best way to go about life and it will eventually work out 
  22. Taking it day by day is the best way to go about living life 

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