The Truth About Getting Your Sh*t Together

As someone who thrives on improving myself constantly in every area of my life and is driven to do the best I can for myself, there are certain things I did not expect to come across while on this journey. Working on yourself does take a lot of self-reflection and some heavy conversations with yourself but there are a few other things I did not consider when I decided to get my sh*t together that was extremely important to me. Here are a few things I have learnt on the way that maybe you can relate to or you should be prepared for…

1. Not everyone is going to get it– …actually, very few people will understand you. To me, this journey is a soul decision and I wouldn’t feel right if I wasn’t working as hard on myself to be better. Not everyone, actually very few are on this journey even though it is confusing why they wouldn’t be to us? I feel like sometimes I can’t come to an event or make plans with someone cause I need to film a YouTube video or sort something out for my business or I have committed myself to the gym, and it’s not only hard to say I have plans with myself, but it opens the door to a lot of questions. My best advice for this is to ignore and focus so much on yourself and keep your ‘why’ at the forefront of your mind and heart.

2. It’s simple but not easy– everything feels like common sense cause it’s what you truly want, so it’s obvious what you need to do to get there. If you want to get fit, go to the gym. If you want to work on your confidence, talk to more people. If you want to clear your mind, meditate. The actual action itself will come with challenges. I promise it doesn’t get easier as you will always reach a new level but at the same time it gets harder before it gets easier to begin with for sure.

3. You will question yourself if this is truly what you want– when it gets a little tough, it’s normal to question yourself. I feel like I have been at this point 100 times. It is also easier said than done… ‘just don’t give up’ but there is a reason why you began your journey in the first place. Your unique journey will have bumps including the ones you make for yourself. Learning to look deeper into why you feel this way, sometimes is the answer. Sometimes it is getting back into it, till it feels right again. Only you can figure this one out.

4. The takers will take– this was a hard one to accept but there will be people who will want to jump on whatever you are doing cause they have no idea what they are doing and want to experience what it is like to be on the journey you are. The answer is distance. It isn’t worth getting off track. There’s a difference between helping someone out cause you can and them taking the energy you have worked on, for themselves for selfish reasons and sometimes with zero gratitude.

5. It will never feel enough– There is no end point to whatever you are trying to improve, and accepting there will be no huge final point when it comes to most things is sometimes hard. You might always feel you need to know a lot more to get where you need to go. Be patient with yourself and learn slowly. There is no rush and no end point but just a beautiful journey.

6. There will be extreme highs too! – Yes it is hard but there will be moments you reach certain goals, have a breakthrough or a huge turning point. Learning to celebrate yourself is so so important. It is probably part of the reason you are here. Learn to embrace the wins and enjoy the process.

Nishi x

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