Street Style July Favourites 2022

Here are some of my favourite street style trends and inspo that I am currently loving in July.

Jorja Smith’s style is to die for. She shared this on her story earlier this month and I instantly was in awe of the electric blue vibe paired with fish silver trainers. There is nothing I love more than bringing both a masculine and feminine vibe together in an outfit.

Nail art right now is at its peak. I have noticed more and more people are investing in getting their nails done a lot more often and in a lot more daring designs. I personally stick to almond shape nails for an elegant and effortless look, however, the square box nails are a trend I am loving. I mainly adore the mixing of colours in this pic.

Coucoo is a brand I am seeing more and more influencers wear recently. They are quite a small brand that hasn’t been around for long but with their meticulous branding and brightly coloured with highly impactful textures, they are a brand I am loving to see do well.

I have recently been upgrading a few things in my room and I was looking for a way I could subtly incorporate my personality. I have been seeing these personalised rugs everywhere and I want one so bad! I haven’t decided what I want yet but I am loving including things you love to do in the design. And they look very cool too. I have included some small businesses that take commissions:

Nishi x

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