Something that I’ve recently been thinking about is the pressure we put on ourselves. As someone obsessed with self-help, it’s important to look at if self-care and self-motivation is actually helping.

I have always been someone who puts a lot of pressure on myself. Even from a young age, I was a perfectionist. If I couldn’t do a task to an incredibly high standard, then there was no point in doing it at all. This, as I have gotten older, I have realised is not helpful or healthy. At this point in my life, I don’t strive for every workout at the gym to be the best of my ability, or always improve every time I go. I focus on consistency. I am proud of myself for simply turning up (and trying my best).

The pressure of results is something I have also removed in this area of my life, I don’t expect immense changes in my body straight away. I know with time, the results will come, as long as I keep at it and stop focusing only on the changes in my body. Truthfully, in other parts of my life, I am still working on this. Learning to enjoy the journey as much as the results, whatever they may be, is so important.

The pressure of knowing what you want is another obstacle. I feel like trying to figure out who you are and what is you, takes time and takes you unlearning the need to be liked by everyone. This does take time. It takes a lot of investing in yourself and trusting in yourself. It isn’t something I believe comes overnight for anyone but it is so important for your happiness and growth.

The pressure we put on ourselves every day is sometimes needed, but when this pressure holds us back and makes us question ourselves, it can be debilitating. I am still on a journey to find the right balance for me but right now I choose to set myself free from any pressure so I can be the best me in the right now.

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