How to Start a Fitness Routine

Fitness has been something I have always valued in my life but has changed through different stages of my life. The past few months have been the most consistent I have ever been with my fitness journey and I have noticed a few ways in which I have managed to keep fitness as part of my everyday routine. 

Here are my tips on how you can find the best fitness routine that works for you and some tips to help you stay consistent… 

  • Make Time- How much time a week do you want to set aside to work out? This is something to be intentional with. It’s important to highlight how often you want to work out and how much time you want to set aside. This is the first step toward knowing what you want to get out of fitness.
  • What Are Your Goals?- The best way to start your routine is to know what you want to get out of it. This will help you determine your direction. Clear goals will help you get the most out of your fitness journey. This will also help keep you motivated. 
  • What Is Your Why?- Always keep in mind what the reason for your fitness journey is. Having a ‘why’ will push you on the days you don’t feel like working out. My why is to be the best, fittest version of myself. You why could be a lot deeper or can be quite vague, all that matters is you figure out why this is important to you. 
  • Go At Your Pace- This one is a big one for me. When I started at the gym, I was being shown around by a boyfriend at the time who, as grateful as I am for showing me ropes, pushed me too far. Going at my own pace has made me want to stick to my goals more instead of putting myself off. A pace that suits you could look like sticking to the same weight till you are 100% to move to a heavier one or it could be starting just walking on the treadmill until you get used to it. Just remember, there is no other competition than yourself and the person you were yesterday. 
  • What Do You Love To Do?- Fitness looks different to different people and finding what you love will mean it will feel less like a routine you have to stick to and more like second nature. I think before my love for the gym, it had always been sports that were played on a court. I loved this as it never felt like fitness, I was having fun and happened to be keeping fit at the same time.
  • What schedule are you most likely to stick to? – For me, without sounding too crazy, I have found the best way to keep myself consistent, is to aim to go every day. Do I go every day…no, but does this for some weird reason mean I end up going at least 5 times a week…pretty much! This would look different for different people (and my method definitely might seem crazy to some). How are you going to fit fitness into your day is different from just setting time aside. This is about incorporating your life into your fitness and your fitness into your life. For some, this will be waking up at 5 am before work and for others, it will be making sure to pack their fitness stuff whenever they leave the house so they can nip into the gym at any time. 

So these are my tips on how to start your fitness routine. I hope this helped motivate you to start your journey and I would love to hear how you started your fitness journey and keep consistent too. 

Nishi x 

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