Blogging in 2022?

So the last time I blogged or would have considered myself a blogger was around 4 years ago. After this ‘break’ from the world of blogging, I feel like the space has changed over the years. My question is, do people still blog?

With the rise of more video-based platforms like YouTube and TikTok, I feel like people don’t value sitting down having a read on the internet anymore. Tell me if I’m wrong but blogging almost feels a little old fashioned. I can’t remember the last time I stumbled upon someone’s blog of someone who I looked up to and had an insight into their life. Now it’s apartment tours on YouTube, 1 minute TikTok videos that don’t really say too much and Instagram pictures hoping that a picture speaks a thousand words.

All I can say is I get this feeling that what people want has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I am here to blog whether people want to hear what I have to say or not. Whether 1 person reads my blog or a million, it doesn’t make a difference to me as I am truly here because of my love of writing and sharing.

Would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on the topic. I’ve missed out on 4 years on this platform so would love it if someone could fill me in on what they felt has changed with blogging to.

Love Nish x

2 thoughts on “Blogging in 2022?

  1. 🙂 In spite of YouTube videos being at the forefront, people do blog.

    Blogging would always have a place in the blogosphere.


    Because people love to read and businesses have recognized the importance of blogging.


    1. This is so true! I definitely still read so many blogs despite there being so many other platforms I can spend time on.

      There will 100% always be a space for blogs on the internet for sure!

      Nish x

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