Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out

Whether it comes to fashion or how I make any life decisions or career choices, I always make sure I am not following the crowd. As someone obsessed with MBTI, my personality type is INFJ, this is a common personality trait that I bring to every area of my life.

When you chose to stand out, you make decisions for yourself. I genuinely believe there is nothing worse than being held back by the fear of other people’s opinions. Standing out doesn’t always mean you have to do the craziest thing in the world to make sure you are seen but more of a reminder that you can be who you want and it will be different a lot of the time if you are doing it for yourself.

When it does come to fashion, beauty or things for my home, I love choosing unique pieces that not everyone else might go for. Buying things that have character and might bring attention to it, for this reason, is a message I try to instil in everyone around me and even on my channel. I truly love the freedom to pick something up that sparks interest cause it might be something you haven’t seen anywhere else.

Finding your vibe is a big part of standing out. Being comfortable with standing out means you are more likely to try new things and explore new avenues for yourself. There will always be people who tell you not to stand out, to choose the ‘easy’ option but the best people do what’s right for them and are not afraid to stand out.

I truly believe the best opportunities and connections I have made were from refusing to fit in and standing out. For a long time, I was too anxious to speak out in a room full of people. I spent a lot of time working on this as it meant a lot to me to be able to speak my mind. It was not always easy, but I kept speaking my truth, no matter how awkward I sounded, no matter how eccentric people found me (and trust me they did), but the right people gravitated towards me, and the right opportunities wanted to attract come my way.

Today, I’m here talking about my thoughts and feelings on a blog (which I still hate people I know reading) and have a YouTube channel where I speak my mind and share what I want to share, and sometimes do things a little differently from how people would expect. I love the feeling of walking into a room with an outfit that no one else would ever think to have put together and speaking about things that excite the people listening cause you rather not fit in but stand out.

Nishi x

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