Letting Go

I was really struggling to figure out what I wanted to write about today and even though I’ve been thinking of doing more fashion content, I couldn’t avoid this massive thing that recently happened to me. It’s hard to talk about a lot simpler things when you are going through something so after a lot of back and forth, I am ready to share, in the hopes it can also help someone else going through the same thing or anyone who need to learn to let something go.

Last month, I was let go from my job. I can tell you why but honestly I am not really sure why other than a lot of things were twisted and made up to make it happen. I had let HR know that some people in my team were not really welcoming to say the least. I am unsure if HR was let go or chose to leave but that’s when work got worse and ended up with a lot of situations being manipulated for peoples personal gain.

But I’m okay.

It’s not easy sharing because I am terrified people won’t believe me and the only reason I care so much is cause I stand by my character fully. I take a lot of pride in always doing the right thing so I feel massively let down by the brand I was working for because I don’t feel they really did act the way they should have.

I could bitch about the situation all day. The point I want to make in this post is how hard it can be to move on and let go sometimes. Especially when things are out of your control.

Some things that have helped me would be taking my time to process it. I think it sometimes can take a while to digest unexpected changes in life and its okay to give yourself that time to do so. Do it your way. I am such an open book and it helps when being a blogger and a YouTuber. I am not embarrassed about what happened but I definitely needed my time to process it before sharing with people. That’s okay.

This takes me to my next point. When coming to terms with something that you have to let go of (this could be a job, a person, a place ect.), allow yourself to act in ways you wouldn’t typically act. It’s okay if you change during this period. Just make sure you can pick yourself back up. However sometimes change is good. I have been a little more introverted these past few weeks and I know when I am ready I will go back to being my extroverted self. Something good that has changed about me; I have a lot more acceptance for things beyond my control. It’s okay to feel annoyed at the situation (which isn’t like me as I am quite easy going when it comes to a lot of stuff), but also learning to be more accepting of change.

My last piece of advice would be to allow yourself to be angry! You actually don’t have to be okay about it. Be annoyed, scream, let it all out. At first I was keeping it all bottled up inside, which I have learnt over the years isn’t the best way to handle something. How can you expect to let something go on and move on if you are holding on so tightly to it, and not letting it out. Sometimes you have to let it all out before you can let it go.

I hope this blog post helps anyone going though something they feel they need to let go of or are forced to let go of. I would love to hear in the comments your experiences too of letting anything you had difficulty letting go of (or are still in process of letting go!)

Love Nish x

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