How to Find Your Personal Style

As promised, I’ll be blogging a little more about fashion but mainly style. You see, fashion and style are not the same thing. I take style very personally and you should to.

Your personal style is the way you do everything you do, it’s what makes you…you. How you dress is only a small (but big) component of this.

So talking about style…

It is so so important to find your personal style as your personal style is like your identity. It’s the way you say something without saying anything.

My personal style has changed so much over the years and my top tip for finding your personal style is staying true to yourself as possible. Jumping on every trend is the No. 1 way to get distracted from your true authentic style. Taking ideas from what is on trend and trying out trends you really feel vibe with you can definitely help but in this post I’m going to share some other tips on finding your personal style.

  1. Make a Pinterest board– its always helpful to have all your ideas in one place. Pinterest boards are great because you can draw in idea’s from anywhere and pin it on your board. I have a board for Fashion Inspo and one for my different outfits that I am putting together for different days and events. I love including pictures of general moods and any picture that makes me feel any kind of excitement too as you can pretty much draw inspiration from anywhere.

2. Take it and change it– be open to finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere. You may not like someone’s entire outfit but that one colour that catches your eye or that one element of their outfit that makes you feel inspired, remember that. Take that inspo and change it slightly to suit your style and make it your own. For example, even though my style is predominantly feminine, I like to add some quirky more of a rough touch to my outfits. I saw a barbed wire chain on a model who dressed quite gothic. I took that, and added this to my own style, but I styled it differently and with more feminine pieces but it worked.

3. Play around– Finding your personal style, takes time and it requires a lot of trial and error. Trust your gut and know that the best way to pull anything off is with confidence. Try new things and mix them with things you already love and with in no time, your personal style will emerge into existence.

I hope this post was useful for ways to find your personal style. I would love for anyone and everyone to share their personal style tips bellow or tell us about your personal style, and why yours stands out.

Nishi x

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