February Favourites 2022

I’m still quite unsure at what point during the month you are supposed to post your monthly favourites exactly. However, here are a few things that are keeping me going so far, in the month of February…

Fashion- Bow Diamond Heels

I saw someone wearing these heels while I was out for dinner, and I was almost blinded by how sparkly they are! The pictures honestly doesn’t do the sparkle justice. As someone who likes a little bit of bling without looking tacky, these heels were perfect. A very classy pair that can be paired with any classy outfit.

Took me a while to find them but these are from Public Desire, £35.

Beauty- Lady Million Perfume

This has been my favourite perfume for so many years now but I ran out sometime in early 2021 and I got this one as a gift for Christmas. I only have a small selection of perfumes as I don’t like too many choices but this is the one I always choose when wearing something a bit more boyish or daring. Something about the scent just gives me the feeling I am about to do something empowering.

Lifestyle- Food – Homemade Shrimp Tempura

This was something I was having a little experiment with the other day, before my birthday. I bought the tempura mix from my local (but very huge) Asian shop. I was planning on making veg tempura but decided to give the prawns a go and I am so glad I did. Paired with some plain rice, garnished with some black sesame seeds and a sweet chilli dip, this was the easiest but tastiest meal I have ever created.

You can watch me making this in my Birthday Vlog…

Would love to know what everyone else fashion, beauty and food favourites were this month so make sure to comment below.

Love Nish x

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