10 Ways To Fake Confidence

As somone who is naturally quite outspoken and vibriant, I get people telling me often how they wish they were as confident as me. It always makes me laugh becasue confindence is definty something you can teach yourself, and even though it comes naturally to me in certain areas of my life, I’ve definely had to work on my confiidence in other parts.

Here are some of my tips for when you are working on your confidence…

  1. Smile. Even when you don’t feel like it.
  2. Look others in the eye when they talk to you and when you’re talking to them. This makes you seem more genuine and makes the other person know  you are really interested in what they have to say
  3. Believe in yourself no matter what; through failure and success
  4. Dress to kill (but make sure you also dress comfortable and the way you want )
  5. Talk as if people would be out of their mind to not believe in you, as if everything you want, your dreams, already belong to you
  6. Good manners are important and refuse to take any shit from anyone but always handle it gracefully
  7. Don’t apologize for anything that wasn’t your fault
  8. Laugh at yourself, when you mess up even if it hurts. Try not to care what people think
  9. Know that everyone is fighting the same battle to be the most confident version of themselves. Dont be too self-absorbed to realise that everyone is focused on themselves more than they are on you so relax.
  10.  Repeat every single day

It won’t be long before it’s no longer fake

love Nish x

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