Why I Have Quit Drinking

So this is something I have been thinking about for a while now.

I want to quit drinking.

Drinking is something I have always considered a huge part of my lifestyle. During my Uni years, I was a bit of a party girl and from then on, I am still the ‘fun’ friend. There’s nothing wrong with being known as that and drinking but as I have gotten older, I definitely don’t consider drinking as having fun.

Recently, I have had really bad hangovers. Not just a little headache but really scary anxiety about everything and anything. I won’t go into too much detail but anxiety to the point where you think you are going insane is not healthy.

Something I realised after my birthday weekend just gone, is I never used to feel this hungover but I always used to have a housemate or a family member around to keep me company so I don’t ever remember spiralling before.

Whatever the reason, I realise this isn’t how I want to live my life anymore! I went home super early on my b’day and even had a few friends concerned that I didn’t have a good night. The club environment just isn’t where I want to be anymore, and that’s okay.

I would love to hear if anyone can relate, your experiences with alochol or anything you decided to give up for the sake of your wellbeing.

Love Nish x

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