My 2022 Goals

A new year means new goals. There is nothing I love more than setting new goals for me to try and achieve and keep me focused for the year. Usually at the end of the year, around late December, I go over the goals that I had set for that year as it is so interesting to see what I managed to achieve, the goals I maybe forgot about but somehow I still managed to tick off the list, and what I may have been so close to achieving!

Some of my favourite goals I achieved in 2022 included…

  • Get a job in the fashion indsutry (an industry I have limited expereince in) that I enjoy and makes a minimum of 20k a year.
  • I have redefined what ‘having fun’ is to me
  • I live in a cute little flat in the middle of Manchester City center.

As you can see my goals, are sometimes very precise, others a little vague and some quite personal. I am so proud of the goals I have set for myself in 2021 that I managed to achieve and so excited for everything that came together so beautifully for me. I moved to Manchester by myself, with no proper job, no friends and no idea where and what I was really doing. It has been a slow and emotional rollercoaster if I had to tell the truth with more downs than up for the most part, but I am here.

We made it to 2022 and I wanted to share some of my goals for this year. Let’s see what this year has in store and I look forward to this time next year, where I will be able to reflect on my goals again to see what I managed to achieve.

My 2022 goals…

  • Start my Business (probably the thing I am look forward to the most this year!)
  • I have reached my ideal body and it is fit and toned
  • Find friends with similar mindsets to me that inspire me
  • To reach 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube
  • My hair is the healthiest it can be- tamed, glossy and lush (this is a big one curly haired girls)

…I hope this post has inspired someone to make some goals this year and I promise you, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

If anyone is struggling to come up with some goals, here’s a video I made on setting goals. I made this for last year however this is how I have always set my goals and I find this is what works best for me…

…I can’t wait to see what this year has to offer us all and I would love to see who else has been setting goals for this year in the comments too.

Nishi x

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